Ye sun love wedding emergency brake two difference 41 years old (video) liuxiaobo

Ye sun love wedding emergency brake two difference 41 years old according to Taiwan media reports, last week music Li Kuncheng and his forty-one year old girlfriend Lin Jingen declared the election day is about to get married, marriage registration in November 15th, it was Lin Jingen’s twenty birthday, two people to take care of this period of three and a half years of love, now to a milepost the new, also let Li Kuncheng address him: "very happy!" 15 mentioned the marriage registration message, Li Kuncheng media telephone interview also said: "happy because 18 years old to get married after guardian, 20 years old then you can decide on their honeymoon location choice in Japan, and then went to Karuizawa see maple leaf, you can go to the winter day Hokkaido snow." Originally expected today, the woman’s adult 20 year old birthday registration marriage, but now decided to cancel the provisional decision, because the woman does not want to marry, memorial day and birthday the same day! After talking about his girlfriend under the age of 20 to Li Kuncheng do not think there is too much change, but the other life can be completely independent, like the night in his home, the girls do not have to go through the consent of the father as the honeymoon place, because Lin Jingen love Xiong Benxiong, two people on the first Kyushu Xiongben before they want, but go abroad to play, we have to go to help the woman, a passport. In addition, Li Kuncheng also announced that Lin Jingen’s 20 year old birthday ceremony is iPhone 7, all because she can play the game can be more fluent, very fond of little girlfriend. Expand the video has nothing to do with the original three broken 41 years apart "Ye sun love" to be pregnant by licensing

“爷孙恋”婚礼紧急叫停 两人相差41岁 据台湾媒体报道,上周音乐人李坤城和小四十一岁的女友林靖恩宣告即将结婚,日子选在11月15日登记结婚,这天是林靖恩的二十岁生日,两人携手呵护这段三年半恋情,如今走向新的一个里程碑,也让李坤城直呼:“很幸福!”提到15日登记结婚的消息,李坤城接受媒体电话访问时也开心表示:“因为18岁结婚需要经过监护人的同意,20岁的话就可以自己决定,渡蜜月的地点首选在日本,秋天的话就去轻井泽看枫叶,冬天的话也可以去北海道玩雪。” 原本预计今日、女方成年20岁生日当天登记结婚,现却临时决定取消,原因是女方不想结婚纪念日跟生日同一天! 谈到女友满20岁之后的打算,李坤城认为不会有太多改变,但对方生活可以完全自主,像是在他家过夜,不用再经过女生父亲的同意,至于谈到蜜月地点,因为林靖恩喜欢熊本熊,两人便首选日本九州熊本,不过,在他们想要出国玩之前,首先还得先去帮女方办护照。另外,李坤城还预告这次林靖恩的20岁生日礼是iPhone 7,全因为了让她玩游戏时可以更流畅,对小女友相当宠爱。拓展视频与原文无关 三观俱碎 相差41岁的“爷孙恋”都要领证备孕了相关的主题文章: