&quot private kindergarten admission fee; your mortgage ” block two child policy-ppbox

" private kindergarten admission fee; your mortgage " hinder the two child policy we cannot put their hopes in the private capital conscience, take the initiative to the admission fee down, and to promote reasonable return from external admission fee. Recently, with the new "Private Education Promotion Law" promulgated, private kindergartens to do the further increase the size of the park. After the enactment of the new law, many parents worry about private garden will take the opportunity to price. Reporter survey found that Ji’nan, most of the private garden at least once a year to adjust the price, or from 100 yuan ~500 yuan. Some parents said the child’s admission fee is also your mortgage". ("Qilu Evening News" November 14th) the author deeply felt, near my home only private kindergarten, the monthly three thousand or four thousand yuan admission fee, indeed more than some of the family home for months, and almost every year will rise. Many parents worry about it, and then go up, I am afraid that the child can not afford kindergarten. Private kindergarten independent office space bigger, apparently in order to encourage more social capital to invest in kindergarten. But can not be ignored is that this will increase the burden on parents. From January 1st this year, China officially entered the era of two children, this is a major event related to the policy this year but beneficial to the people’s livelihood, from the situation, many families have two children of the will is not strong, is one of the reasons to worry about raising up. Private kindergarten high admission fee is clearly increased the portion of the burden of the family, affect their fertility desire. "The park high cost mortgage" is not conducive to the implementation of the national population policy, and may even affect China’s population development strategy. The admission fee is high, of course, can not blame the private kindergarten. First, private kindergarten admission fee to survive, is the most important source of income, if the admission fee income can not meet the rent, teachers’ salaries and other expenses, the kindergarten can only be closed. Second, private capital investment in kindergarten is the pursuit of economic returns, if you can not benefit from kindergarten, the purpose of the investment? Who is willing to invest in kindergarten? However, the education has a natural public property, even if the private kindergartens to do their own space to expand the park, but also to operate in a small profit model, according to the long-term industry. Of course, we cannot put their hopes in the private capital of conscience, take the initiative to the admission fee down, and to promote reasonable return from external admission fee. I think there are only three ways. Path one, increase public kindergarten. Since three years before the school is not included in the scope of compulsory education, public kindergartens accounted for less, and some also reduced to "internal park". This gives great development space of private garden, which leads to the high admission fee. It is necessary to keep up with real estate development pace of the construction of the kindergarten, to the new residential area with the construction of public kindergartens, to give parents burden. Route two, in exchange for a reasonable fee for admission. Private kindergarten, including the main expenditure of rent and teacher salaries. In order to encourage the development of private kindergarten, it is necessary to rent subsidies and the treatment of teachers, and the admission fee subsidies and linked to further stabilize or even reduce admission fee. Why do you want to make up for it? First, it is conducive to the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy; the second is the education surcharge, land leasing and other government revenue, the actual tax is derived from the parents, including the taxpayer, including the two.相关的主题文章: