Yuechi petitioners are likely to be suspected of murder, the crime of public power winbook

Yuechi petitioners are likely to be suspected of murder, the crime of public power original title: "Yuechi petitioners do not murder" thrown into doubt: the author fell in August 20th this year, half Village town of Sichuan County of Yuechi Province Yu Zhen petitioners Yang Tianzhi, found a road from outside the county side. Earlier, there were reports that Yang Tianzhi had been cut before the death of visitors from Beijing detention, forced repatriation, the murder was caused widespread public concern. In November 13th, Yuechi County police official notification of the case, said the police have arrested the suspect Zhang at the end of August 9, the case is under further investigation. Meanwhile, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection has started accountability. In fact, not every murder can cause concern. However, a pile has occurred nearly 100 days of murder, still some foggy after exposure, there is inevitably a fantastic. Here, we are familiar with the "two public opinion field" again: media reports, witnesses and police counterparts say there is a world of difference. A little comb showing contradictory information, it is not difficult to find after the incident not only the truth, he sank deeper into the clouds. First, the deceased is actually cheated or illegally intercepted visit? In response to the police, Yang Tianzhi and other 4 petitioners is to provide accommodation on the grounds cheat on commercial vehicles; but the media reported that they were suddenly eight or nine people grasp the body, the mouth is covered, and the head was cast into the car, and the car was beaten. So the question is: where is the liar cheat? Why torture victims? How can the person that lie in Beijing be able to go up so smoothly and quickly contact Yuechi County town Yu Mou Mou? How to put the petitioners back home? Is it a matter of whether or not to conduct a business trip? A series of obvious irrational behavior, a suspect, but did not get the answer by local authorities. Second, what is the cause of death? After the murder of people first to investigate the cause of death, and the companion recalled that abused 81 hours, also known as "Yang relatives of head and face injuries are a large skin on the left calf are not in". But the police investigation after nearly three months, why the briefing on the cause of death to mention? The cause of death is not yet clear? What changes have taken place in such a long time? What’s the problem with the local investigation? And what did it do? Note the status of the case seems to be disclosed in the disclosure of the facts, but virtually no public information required to publish. Third, more than one identity? Throughout the incident, Yu Yu Town, Yuechi county is a key figure, is a key clue involving public power. Reported that the County Commission for Discipline Inspection suspended processing of more than one person, but the report did not mention more than a job, the staff were unable to confirm the identity and position of more than one. According to common sense, should be held as a public office, then its identity and specific duties can not be disclosed? What role does it play in the event? Also, where are the people who lie, what work, what relationship with the other, why are these key information omitted? In the end, the murder had not simply ordinary criminal cases, and is likely to be suspected of criminal cases of public power, is suspended and accountability will stall in the past.相关的主题文章: