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Yueyang a pair of young people gathered in Fuzhou because of love ten years friend changed a couple (original title: a youth in Hunan gathered in Rongcheng: because of love, ten years friend changed a couple) and Wan Honghong Chen Wang (left two) to view the mechanical operation of the handover records. Yesterday is Sunday, but the construction scene sunny project of Changle Matsushita Railway Bridge Bureau Fuping railway Pingtan Strait Tianxinzhou bridge site is still be in full swing. Technician Chen Wang, as usual, came to the crane, carefully check the mechanical operation of the transfer record. Wan Honghong, who is also a member of the Ministry of Finance with a project department, also followed. This is about to attend the new Fuzhou collective wedding couples from Hunan to Yueyang, met in the second grade of junior high school, their love story is the legendary "ten years friend change the reality version of love", let a person envy. The groom Chen Wang graduated from Hunan University majored in mechanical design and automation, the bride Wan Honghong graduated from the Changsha University of Science and Technology majoring in accounting, two people is a fellow with old classmates. The two met, childhood sweetheart?" "No, we used to be good friends. We started dating last year." They denied the reporter on "puppy love" guess. "Male bestie become a boyfriend? How did you do it?" The face of the reporter’s curiosity, the new embarrassed. "Or for me." After the two eye contact, the groom generous confession out of the process. "I have to move the mind, but also afraid of luohuayouyi if she refused, human feeling is like running water, can’t even be friends." Chen Wang said that last year the Spring Festival to go home, not to listen to people talking about the red parents arranged for her blind date, he. "If she is blind, I have no chance.". It is better to fail than to miss!" So in the woman before the blind date, Chen Wang confession. "I was a fool! I’ve never thought about that before." The bride told reporters that they met in 2004, when two people are in the same secondary school students in the town. Although different classes, but Chen Wang good grades, so I knew him. The first two classmates, after playing the best friend". The bride told reporters, in the face of sudden confession, she did not refuse, did not immediately promised. "So many years of playing together, both sides know too much. His personality and family I am very comfortable, I would like to try not to look everywhere, not to say." After the holiday, Chen Wang returned to Zhuhai in the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge project site to work, Wan Honghong is still as an accountant in a company’s home, two young people in different places to experience but not meet the taste of love. Last July, I went to the Pingtan Strait railway bridge project site, she came in September." Chen Wang said that two people were not together, every day at night, he was on time, "harassment" small, at least for 2 hours, at least, for about 9 hours. "How long has he been harassing you?" The bride said, "4 months". "How do you agree?" "Try to get along with him, I think he is a good boyfriend, he knows me, and he is very comfortable." Xiao Wan said with a smile, last June, one day, Chen Wang told her in a chat, to participate in a very important professional examination, because of fear of not doing her car相关的主题文章: