Zhao Liying EQ low innovation actually because of the eyebrows (video) sexhu

"Zhao Liying EQ innovation low" was because of the eyebrows for a long time did not send micro-blog’s classmate Zhao Liying recently appeared in other people’s micro-blog, and found what is not the same place ~ ~ is the charm of the eyebrows changed! Zhao Liying’s new friends to see the ugly cry eyebrow eyebrows Ying Bao advanced photographs of a PO out of history have a lot of friends began to discuss Bao Ying eyebrows, a majority of people think: eat lotus root! Get so many bad friends said to Zhao Liying directly choking back to paste on the next face off eyebrows… The amount of… Sure enough, not long ago, Zhao Liying EQ innovation low, so the news came out one after another. With the opening words Bao Ying kneeling Max skills is not a day for two days, to see the fans turn brand fans live to eat Xiang, upright to call Ye Zuxin Jiang Xin former boyfriend… Zhao Xiaodao this name really is not called the white. Zhao Xiaodao’s first slot should be to thank their parents do not like their own rural people, so the rural people do something wrong… Then grab the cup also let her harvest a large number of black powder, as well as famous as Yang Mi about his response… Upright Bao Ying also indirectly broke the reality completely according to the script of this thing… Later on the reality show is also a professional knife. Ying ah! Do you feel that you have the responsibility to establish the entertainment circle! This in the end is the real temperament or low EQ is not the focus, we return to the new model of Ying ying. In fact, in order to change the new role of Chuqiao, peace day Ying Bao eyebrow indeed most painting eyebrow level is not the same, and create length is lengthened, Miss Young but that good-looking than Ping Mei wow, but to the self, this is Bao Ying, the hand really does not look good painting what ah! This is a painting before liberation! A long time ago Zhao Liying’s eyebrows is today at up to heaven in a tall eyebrow. Coupled with the dress of what, really village soil. Then try to Ping Mei, at first does not look good, because the painting is too thin, fleshy face two thin eyebrows too short molimen. But do not know is to save money or save our Bao Ying eyebrows are so short, poor! But over Bao Ying, micro-blog found before her eyebrows are very sparse and natural double tall ". Really let Zhao Liying amazing beauty, is the land. At this time the eyebrows but tall, length and shade degree are appropriate. Let her further reborn style is Shanshan, responsibly tell you that want to become really silly white sweet, and you need to make Zhao Liying a hairline hair removal hair line is too low to improve the situation, then autologous fat forehead, let yourself have a full forehead, a semi permanent make-up word eyebrow. For a long time Zhao Liying maintained this image. After Bao Ying face more and more delicate, eyebrows also follow some small changes, such as with the tide painted meteor eyebrow, synophrys flew to the temple of the lengthened camber also tried. Synophrys is not popular now after Zhao Liying’s eyebrows with the eyebrow peak, also added some length, the mean wind from the dull Taobao entered the ranks of fashion flowers. However, the eyebrows did not draw well can not simply throw the pan to makeup, the first picture of the eyebrows performance than second copies of the well, second for the eyebrows really too short pick. Time to make a botulinum toxin a uniform high Tiaomei, such as crescent small ~相关的主题文章: