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Zhengzhou is a key property for sale Housing Authority said that a number of documents did not the project is currently only a huge pit in Zhengzhou on 3 September, second tier city of Zhengzhou property market continued warming, the rising volume of transactions. However, the reporter found that some of the city’s real estate sales are also illegal pre-sale issues. Zhengzhou City Housing Authority also issued a risk warning for buyers to avoid risks. Recently, some people reflect is located in Zhengzhou City, three road intersection and broadcasting of the center "project of suspected illegal pre-sale. Reporters visited the site found that the project is currently only a huge foundation pit. Mr Li said: "this is just dig a hole on the pre-sale, arranging payment has been two months." Reporters here twice visited the "wall center" project of the sales department, sales staff, currently pay 5000 yuan, after the opening such as housing success is worth 10 thousand yuan 1629, has been ranked number more than 1 thousand and 200. If on this basis, the event has received Paihao fees 6 million yuan. According to the sales staff, the sale will be opened in mid September, is expected to price 13 thousand yuan to 14 thousand yuan per square meter. Known as the new landmark of Zhengzhou Jinshui district. Public data shows, wall center project planning a total construction area of about 154 thousand square meters, a collection of office buildings, apartments and 45 thousand square meters of centralized commercial projects. Zhengzhou key construction project. For the center project currently digging Paihao status, Zhengzhou City Housing Authority regulations and supervision department staff told reporters clearly said: "there is a risk (purchase). There is no evidence that more than 2/3 of the building to be issued pre-sale permit." Staff advised not to buy. On January, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority market also issued a risk warning to remind the public to avoid the risk of purchase. According to the briefing, Henan in the development of an industrial service center limited Fuk capital projects, Henan Jin home real estate development artsound jinshuiwan project, Henan Kechuang industrial development limited innovation building two projects has been achieved in the "pre-sale permit" case of illegal sales. Zhengzhou City Housing Authority market also warned that the risk of buying a house without a license to sell. "Five cards" not complete the group purchase, subscription, housing price, etc., from the Prepaid Charge ranging from booking, the majority did not sign a written agreement, such transactions later risk is very large, easy to cause the consumer housing finance two empty situation. The risk warning that no pre-sale permit projects have not been included in the Yushoukuan regulatory system, buyers who pay money easily misappropriated, or cause an enterprise to run away, project unfinished phenomenon because developers capital chain rupture, resulting in unable to maintain the legitimate rights and interests. No pre-sale permit housing out of regulation, more uncertainty about the nature of housing, and prone to sell more than one room phenomenon, causing problems for a long time can not be resolved. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: