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Zhongguancun before July revenue of over 2 trillion — Finance — people.com.cn original title: Zhongguancun before July revenue of over 2 trillion to solve the traffic jam problem of unmanned vehicles, leaving only the brain surgery surgical robot 2 mm scar…… These representatives of the world’s leading technology applications are brewing in Zhongguancun, some people have to live. Prior to July this year, Zhongguancun enterprises to create a total revenue of over 2 trillion yuan. Internal science and technology activities expenditure reached 72 billion 750 million yuan, an increase of 18%. In the field of artificial intelligence, new materials, biotechnology and other fields, Zhongguancun has made a series of major innovations. Driverless cars to achieve their own position to find the unmanned technology will solve the problem of traffic jams in urban development. 10 years later, this technology can be achieved within 3 minutes to call a taxi, while the cost of playing down by 1/3." Yu Shi Technology CEO Wu Gan Sha such unmanned technology future development forecast. Wu Gansha said that the future of unmanned can be applied to the dining car, taxi, etc., to reduce labor costs and fuel costs, the cost will be greatly reduced people. Intelligent technology will also be realized within 3 minutes to call the car. At present, they have developed driverless cars have been completed real vehicle testing, is expected to test operations in the second half of next year. Low speed, electric, driving in the customer’s specific park." Wu Gansha said. In the future, driverless cars will go to more types of roads. Compared with the domestic similar driverless cars will be modified compared to the original car, the car to achieve a new independent manufacturing. Compared with the same kind of international driverless, in terms of perception and other aspects have also exceeded. The trend of nano materials or insurance aircraft no longer casualties in addition to artificial intelligence and other areas of Zhongguancun enterprises are covered from the run with "into the" leader". Xi source company will natural ore processing into the nano materials, to achieve the shock absorption by its pore structure, security system development is moving against the door, car safety, logistics and transportation, precision instruments, defense industry, building in Luqiao in areas such as product development and marketing. Looking to the future, perhaps can not hit the car, the rocket landing can easily crash recovery, no casualties, and the impact energy of all is a small piece of contrarian nano material absorption clean. Department of Neurosurgery, robot assisted the doctor in the cure all diseases, at present, Zhongguancun in the field of biochip, new vaccines, molecular breeding at the leading level at home and abroad. For example, the human brain is known as the forbidden zone, said the operation is likely to endanger the lives of a little carelessness. Department of Neurosurgery Robot by Baihui Wellcome Company developed to assist doctors to achieve minimally invasive, accurate and efficient operation, the average time of only 30 minutes, the positioning accuracy of 1 mm patients, leaving only 2 mm of the wound, can treat cerebral hemorrhage, Parkinson’s disease and other twelve categories of nearly 100 kinds of diseases. Beijing morning news (reporter Han Na, Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Baltic commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: