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Zixi County bulletin 4 from eight provisions violate the spirit of   a village tourism organization of public funds have been punished – Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn recently, Zixi county 4 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems were informed, namely: Gao Fu Zhen Ju Zhou Village Party branch secretary Deng Shuilian embezzlement tourism. According to the survey, Deng Shuilian let his brother Deng Jinsheng organize village cadres, drivers and other 14 people to Mount Longhu scenic spot for a day, consumption of 3800 yuan from the village temporary relief payments. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to give the party a serious warning Deng nenuphar. Dining and drinking in the government meeting of Fu Fu town. In January 26, 2016, Gao Fu town held the 2015 annual commendation meeting, and the town government arranged 112 participants for lunch and dinner. After the meal, the town public consumption operator Gao Lixian meal meal consumption not knot, but the total consumption of two meals 5486 yuan (containing 2172 yuan wine menu with public consumption expenditure) entry inspection platform, in charge of financial reimbursement work of the township party committee Zhou Jianping on the illegal behavior is not effectively stop. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to talk to Zhou Jianping admonishing; for high Lai sin admonishing conversation, criticism and education, written examination, and withholding a month salary. Drinking and drinking in the training session of crane town primary school. In March 24, 2016, the town center elementary school held a multimedia courseware production training class. After training, crane town primary school arranged dinner, a total consumption of 1363.06 yuan. Among them, drinking drinks 366 yuan. After the County Commission for Discipline Inspection research decision, ordered the crane town center primary school to make the explanation, and the headmaster Li Caiwang reminded interviews, asked him to write written examination. Wushi town center hospital meal drinking problem. In March 30, 2016, the organization Town Center Hospital Wushi town rural doctors meeting. After the meeting, the hospital arranged dinner, a total consumption of 791.6 yuan, of which 128 yuan of wine consumption. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to order the Wushi town center hospital to explain the situation, and for president Wang Xiaogang to remind interviews, asking them to write a written examination. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun) 资溪县通报4起违反八项规定精神问题 一村支书组织公款旅游被处分–江西频道–人民网 近日,资溪县对4起违反中央八项规定精神问题进行了通报,分别是: 高阜镇莒州村党支部书记邓水莲挪用公款旅游问题。据调查,邓水莲曾让其哥哥邓金生组织村干部、司机等14人前往龙虎山景区游玩一天,消费的3800元从村临时救助款中支出。经县纪委研究决定,给予邓水莲党内严重警告处分。 高阜镇政府会议用餐饮酒问题。2016年1月26日,高阜镇召开2015年度总结表彰大会,镇政府安排112名参会人员用午餐及晚餐。餐后,镇公务消费操作员高丽仙不餐消餐结,而是将两餐的消费总额5486元(菜单中含有2172元酒水支出)合并录入公务消费监管平台,分管财务报销工作的镇党委委员周建平对该违规行为未有效制止。经县纪委研究决定,对周建平诫勉谈话;对高丽仙诫勉谈话、批评教育、写书面检查,并扣发其一个月绩效工资。 鹤城镇中心小学培训会用餐饮酒问题。2016年3月24日,鹤城镇中心小学举办全镇多媒体教学课件制作培训班。培训后,鹤城镇中心小学安排晚餐,共消费1363.06元。其中,饮用酒水366元。经县纪委研究决定,责令鹤城镇中心小学对情况做出说明,并对校长李财旺进行提醒约谈,要求其写出书面检查。 乌石镇中心卫生院用餐饮酒问题。2016年3月30日,乌石镇中心卫生院组织全镇乡村医师召开会议。会后,卫生院安排晚餐,共消费791.6元,其中酒水消费128元。经县纪委研究决定,责令乌石镇中心卫生院对情况做出说明,并对院长王小刚进行提醒约谈,要求其写书面检查。 (责编:吴若、帅筠)相关的主题文章: